Posted by: dave1949 | 2012/09/02

What did He Say.

    As we started getting into the internet age there was a lot of worry on the part of the older news media about the affect untrained reporters might have offering up their opinions without the checks and balances built into the old media. It was said that a reporter having to answer to an editor, answering to a publisher had to follow certain guidelines and ethical mores in order to get out to the public.
    Now two decades in we see a prime example of how the old media serves us so much better than the untrained unfiltered mob who can get exposure because of the internet.
    There is a rumour going around that Mitt Romney has been chosen as the candidate for president by the republican party. Further some people believe that Mitt gave a speech the other day accepting the nomination and setting out the start of the official campaign to gain the presidency. Now I had a vague desire to listen in to that speech but let the opportunity slip by because of tiredness etc. I reasoned that the news would be full of excerpts of anything important he had to say and I could catch it then.
    Apparently however Mitt never gave that speech. Clint Eastwood gave a speech. To an empty chair. I know al about that. It has been on every news channel, it has been discussed by the talking heads that worry we will not get the important news from the internet and everyone, left right or centre has had their say about Clint. On the other hand I still have no idea what if anything Mitt said. I suppose it wasn’t very important since it has gone unremarked by virtually all.
    Now I personally think democracy is a pretty good way to operate a government. I have faith in the inherent intelligence and decency of the population as a whole. I do however worry that if the population isn’t given factual information on which to base their decisions you might end up with rather bizarre people elected to positions of power and authority.
    You might get college educated senators who believe women can avoid pregnancy if they are really raped. You might get governors who can’t understand the difference between decent hard working people who need financial help and criminals who abuse welfare systems.
    The traditional media have abdicated their role in educating and informing the population about the reality of their lives. They have consistently gone for the shiny and ephemeral rather than actually informing when some politico espouses stupid ignorant opinions.
    So here I sit still vaguely wondering what Mitt says he stands for. On the other hand if Clint runs for the most important office in America I at least will know what he thinks about empty chairs.



  1. I am also appalled at the quality of today’s journalism and especially so at the condition of journalistic ethics.

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