Posted by: dave1949 | 2012/01/23

The Party House

How we came to inhabit 260 Glenridge. In the summer of 1971 a couple of friends fro the rowing team decided to move from an apartment about 5 km from Brock to 260 Glenridge. Ed and Cory were 2 friends from Brantford who had come to Brock together. Ed and I rowed together in 1970 in the novice boat. we won our championship that year. The next year ed started rowing in the lightweight boat while I moved to JV and cory started rowing in the novice boat. When the time came for them to make the move they asked for help from some of their friends. It happens all the time and in this case they ended with a group of about a dozen young fit happy go lucky guys to provide the muscle.

The day of the move we all assembled at their old apartment and the project for the day was laid out. Ed had managed to wheedle a deal with the truck rental company. I can’t remember the price but what it amounted to was that though the company usually rented the truck by the day only ed had struck a deal that if he used the truck for only 2 hours he could get a considerably reduced rate.

The problem with the deal was that if he didn’t get the truck back within the 2 hour window they were going to get billed for the whole day.

With that in mind we gathered at the apartment early and started carrying all the heavy bulky stuff down the 3 floors and piling it up on the lawn. The building was an older walk up apartment with relatively narrow stairs which involved walking out the door down to the end of the hall down the stairs back to the middle of the building and out the front door.

To get the job running smoother we all used the stairs at the other end of the building to go back up for the next trip. When all the really big stuff was down, and remember we’re talking 1970’s university student furniture, ed went to get the truck while we continued at the apartment.

The minute the truck pulled up one group stayed down below loading all the stuff already there, several continued bringing down boxes of books etc, kitchen ware, all the fiddly little stuff that takes so much time in a move. Meanwhile a few of us took stuff llike the bedding and clothing, really anything that wouldn’t break or hurt too much and threw it out the 3rd floor window.

The truck was loaded in about 1/2 hour, we all drove across town to the new place and started unloading everything working at breakneck speed. Again lots of stuff was dropped on the lawn, It’s a good thing the day was nice, a heavy rain would have really messed up the timing. Other stuff was run up the stairs to the apartment and some of the big stuff, a couch, a chair and a couple of beds were hoisted overhead on the tailgate of the truck and then grabbed from the balcony and pulled into the apartment through the patio door.

The truck was emptied even faster than we had filled it and then they were off to return it to the rental company.
Mission accomplished. They got the truck back in time to avoid the extra charges. we all settled in to helping unpack which of course ended up with a beer party and so the new apartment was christened as our go to party place on the first day that oarsmen lived in it.

That particular apartment housed oarsmen for about 5 years from that day. As one or 2 graduated and moved on others such as myself moved in and in turn left it to others.

Ed went on to teach and Cory eventually went into social work. Over the years we have lost touch but today I managed to track Cory down so now he too knows about the hall of fame induction and plans to attend in June. At present we have contact info for 8 of the 9 men in the lightweight crew and only 3 of the nine in my JV crew. Luckily we still have lots of time to hunt  down the others. Heck with the internet how hard could it be.


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