Posted by: dave1949 | 2012/01/16

Harper’s Medicare

According to the Vancouver Sun the premiers are unanimous in rejecting the conservative agenda for the health care system. What a huge surprise, Harper is given his majority and within a year he is starting to attack the things that most Canadians hold dear in order to do the bidding of the corporations waiting, salivating in the wing to sell you your health care ala the American model.

As one who after a relatively healthy life for 60 years has just rung up several thousand dollars of healthcare trying to get clear of cancer I have to say that if I had been in the states I would be dead by now.

I had on commando surgery in November 2010. That entailed an operating room and one of the best surgeons in Canada working on me for 15 hours. That’s right nearly 2 working days on the table. I got an infection and had to have the surgery repeated in January 2011, that was precipitated by my bleeding out 2 litres from an eroded carotid artery and since I have no money to speak of if I had been in the States the second surgery would not have been performed, the artery would have inevitably started bleeding again probably within hours but certainly within days and I wouldn’t be boring you with this tale.

Now Harper, like other right wingers came in on the promise to cut taxes, balance the budget, all the things Canadians seem to think they want. Of course if you really want those things then the absolutely certain result is that services have to be cut. For those of you with lots of money I can see why you might feel it’s a good deal. I have a nephew who’s doing very well for himself and his family and he loves this sort of talk. He can possibly afford to take care of his family but I rely on a robust well funded health care system and so do the vast majority of Canadians.

The promise held out by the right is that if they are allowed to cut the taxes we will all be better off. This is a lie and the proof of that lie can be seen all over Europe and anywhere else in the world. In the US where medicine for profit is the norm the wealthy can afford to buy whatever services they require and the ret of the population has to make do with inferior or absolutely unavailable service.

There is no offsetting increase in wealth for the population as a whole. Any  savings gained through this sort of short term thinking are always going to the elite in society, while they promise that things will get better for the masses in a little while.

It is the same sort of thing the churches offer, summed up by an old work buddy of mine as “pie in the sky once you die.”
Anyone who still believes, after watching the financial meltdown of the last decade, that unfettered American style cost cutting and tax breaks for the rich are going to help you get ahead is living in a fools paradise. That is exactly what Harper is counting on. While wages and standard of living for the bulk of the population have stagnated or regressed the Cons keep yelling that things are going to get better soon.

They are lying to you in order to help their friends and donors in private industry. They are perfectly willing to sacrifice your health, education, food inspection, safety and anything else in order to make their benefactors richer and get enough donations to be sure to advertise their way to another majority in the next election.

The only cure for this is an informed populace. Try to find out what is really happening to your government services rather than just listening to the 30 second sound bites informing you that everything will be OK in a little while.



  1. Great post, Dave. I too owe my life to Canada’s medicare system, and I want it to be there for my children and grandchildren.

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