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Just a little roundup

And Now for some songs of great social and political import.


Lesbian couple seeking country’s first same-sex divorce
TORONTO – A lesbian couple in Ontario may face problems getting what is believed to be Canada’s first same-sex divorce because the law limits divorce to male-female couples. The Divorce Act, which is federal legislation, defines spouses as “either of a man or a woman who are married to each other.”Toronto lawyer Martha McCarthy and her client, M.M. have asked the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to issue an order that the federal definition of spouse under the Divorce Act is unconstitutional. She said the federal government is due to respond next week.”It’s unconstitutional to give straight people the freedom to divorce, and not gays and lesbians,” said McCarthy.She said she has written to the federal government asking it not to fight their court challenge.

Well it seems that the laws in Canada still need a little tweaking around the same sex marriage area.

I’m going to take the high road here and assume this is just an oversight and that in the last few years as we got to the point of actually legally allowing people who love each other to wed, we just haven’t got around to clearing up any of the old language. Something like getting the honorific Ms, put into forms etc where earlier it was always Mrs or Miss, it will just take a while till everyone finds all these old anachronisms and deals with them in the spirit of inclusiveness that was intended when same sex marriage was legalized.

Certainly gay couples deserve the same rights to the pains of divorce and you can be pretty certain the legal profession will be front and centre in ensuring the right to bill a whole new class of clients.

If on the other hand this is another case of the conservatives trying to screw with other peoples ethics and values then fuck em.


Facebook the media giant that can’t seem to put anything up that doesn’t involve knowing everything about you and your friends lives from conception to burial is censoring images of breast feeding because they might be pornographic.

Have we not passed this already. North America is the last place on earth that still refuses to understand that adult females feed infants directly from their breasts. I know Hef has another obsession about them, and in his dotage as his vision has failed he needs them to be big and preferably plastic but surely the rest of us can get over it and stop worrying about whether or not a breast is visible.  It’s been a decade or so since Ontario ruled that women could go topless in public and the world still hasn’t ended. Although to listen to some it is about to at the end of the year because some Mayan ran out of printer toner while doing his calendar a little while back.

Come on Facebook, grow up and stop rating everything you see as if you are still that nerdy grade niner springing a boner when Monica passed by in the hall.


Newt Gingrich has announced that he is willing to go to the NAACP convention and speak to them about why and how a paycheck is better than food stamps.
Now I’m not too sure about an organization that still uses the term “colored People to identify its clientele but we all know that over the years they have been fighting on the side of the angels in trying to eradicate the racism still so prevalent in much of society. I am however pretty certain that ole Newt is about as insensitive to the plight of anyone on Food stamps as anyone can possibly be. I’m also pretty certain he’s as much a closet racist as anyone. and I’m also pretty certain that he would be shocked to find out that half the people receiving food stamps in the states are white, and a great many of them have paychecks coming in, just ones that are insufficient to put food on the table for their families. The reasons why working poor exist can be found in most of the policies Newt and his buddies have been promoting for the last thirty years. Still he is astonished that his offer of help to the NAACP has raised such a firestorm of indignation. How is it possible for a grown man to be so self satisfied he can’t understand his own idiocy.

The federal government has once again shown that it is incapable of unbiased governing. At the outset of an inquiry into the pipeline across BC to Kitimat the minister started the ball rolling by essentially saying anyone who opposes the project is a radical and went so far as to declare that some of them were billionaire socialists. I don’t know an awful lot of billionaire socialists but wouldn’t mind joining their party if they are accepting new members. I have to believe the potluck meals after meetings have got to have a better menu than the regular socialist meetings. Meanwhile of course the very idea that this process is designed to get the feelings and thoughts of interested citizens about a project that can have a huge impact on a huge number of people is already cast by the government as a fight. It is supposed to be a fact finding, opinion finding, exercise. Of course facts have always been a bit of a difficulty for Stevie and his minions.

5/ Update to the first bit it seems that the Cons are in fact going to clean up the laws about same sex marriage and get them all neat and orderly so no one is confused anymore. Rob Nicholson the justice minister took time out from extolling the get tough and lock them up agenda to say that the government is going to move to clarify the situation and ensure that everyone knows these marriages are considered legal and binding like all the other marriages in this country. It is so seldom I get to ay anything nice about the cons I relish taking this moment to say well done.
6/ Of course in typical Con fashion Nicholson pointed out that the problems were not of their making but were caused by the Liberals not doing a thorough job when the law was changed way back in the last millennium. For more on this you can read the Globe article fond here.


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