Posted by: dave1949 | 2012/01/14


Today is January 14th. Because of the horrendous snow storm yesterday, we probbly have a couple of inches accumulated all outdoor training sessions have been halted.

As we look out with fear and trepidation at the white jungle the news is lamenting the hundreds of fender benders caused yesterday by drivers unable to remember a year back when the exact same thing happened. It never ceases to amaze me that with the first serious snow every year we are treated to this carnage. I realize that in any given year there are a number of new drivers who have never dealt with snowy icy conditions and I realize there will also be a number of drivers new to Canada from more tropical climes that may be experienced drivers but have never seen how slippery winter conditions can be, but I also know that in any year the bulk of these accidents are with good old Timmies drinking, Hockey playing, Ice fishing, Canadians who have been through this many times. I guess the Alzheimer’s problem is much worse than we hink if all these people forget form one year to the next.


On a much nicer note the ice wine harvest is now going ahead. If you have never tried it I highly recommend trying some Ontario Ice wine. It is expensive but everyone should treat themselves once in a while and sipping some of this stuff is a treat to be sure. There is even a festival running in Jordan right now to celebrate the harvest and it’s well worth a trip.

The bikers I suppose dropped in to Dover yesterday as they do every Friday the 13th but I’m sure the numbers must have been down considerably. IT was so quiet the local news didn’t even cover it this time. When a 13th falls during the summer it is not uncommon for the little town on Lake Erie to get 100,000 visitors over the weekend, up from about 6,000 year round residents. If you want to attend one of these plan ahead. Hotels are filled months ahead for a summer runs and on the day of the event cars can’t drive into town, you must take shuttles to get in and out. When you get there you’ll see this is a good thing. The streets are so crowded you can barely walk on them and even the bikes are stuck in stop and go traffic.











And on a personal note today is the second anniversary of my starting my Cancer treatment.  So far it’s working and I have been declared cancer free for the lst year and a half or so. Today in 2010 I was sitting with my sister in Juravinski hospital while they hooked up an IV and started pumping in the first Chemo drip. Then we finished the day off with a trip through the first of many radiation treatment and after went to Licks for Hamburgers fries and a coke. I sure wish I could get that same meal now but instead Deb and I are going to celebrate with some nice chinese soup and a fine Starbuckian coffee today. For all of my friends, family and medical staff that have helped me so much through these last 2 years I say thank you. It is no exaggeration to say I couldn’t have done it without you.



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