Posted by: dave1949 | 2012/01/06

Pictures and Good times

It seems finally I have managed to update the photo that accompanies this blog.

My wife suggested I was working under false pretenses with the old one up there as I have lost about 150 lbs since it was taken and the results of the various therapies and four surgeries have ravaged my face just  a little bit.

My jaw is now disconnected on the right side. That is that it is still normal on the left but after spanning over center and going back to about the first molar the rest of the jaw on the right side has been removed. This has resulted in that side of my face caving in as it were leaving a hollow area that used to be held in place by the removed section of jawbone. It also means that I can’t chew anything tough or crunchy because with no support on that end of the mandible it flexes too much.  I’ve also been warned by the doctors not to get into any fights or car accidents cause a hard blow on the jaw anywhere might be enough to break it since it’s only supported at one end.

All I’m none too pleased with the way this all looks now but I wasn’t exactly an Adonis before and I have the same advantage I had before, I get to look out from this face instead of having to look at it.

Meanwhile for anyone that cares I can attest that I did in fat complete the New Years day fun run at the St Catharines rowing club and actually made it a few minutes faster than last year. What isn’t very impressive is that the 3 mile run took me 42 minutes to complete. An average of 14 minutes per mile is not going to qualify me for the Olympic team this summer. I did manage to beat my stepson Dan though. At least on the claimed handicap I took on him. SInce I’m 32 year older I felt 32 minutes was a reasonable handicap and with that subtracted from my time I crushed him. He complained that the real handicap he faced was the long wait after he had finished. THe fact that he had cooled down, regained his normal breathing and finished a bowl of the traditional post race chili before I got in is neither here nor there as far as I;m concerned.

I had also hoped that this year I wouldn’t be dead last like last year and  I also succeeded at that, only because there were 4 entrants that were walking the entire race rather than running, and one of them was recovering from a double knee replacement. Still I avoided the last place and still left myself a bit of room to improve for next year.

Even more important to my overall plans I did not require any medical care after the run this year. All in all a great start to what I expect will be a much better year.
Next up is my very erratic training programme to get ready for the marathon in the fal that I seem to never getting around to actually running. Partly because I really dislike running in cold weather. This limits the training somewhat in this part of the year but the weather outside today ia about 5 degrees out so I think I’ll close this off for now and go for another slow shuffle around the training route. After all it might be weeks or even months before I feel like doing it again and Dan is insisting that if we race again next January I have to give up some of my handicap time. I can agree to that because I’ll be twice as old as him so I think I can get by claiming any finish within twice his time.
It might be year before he beats me that way but his mother is planning on running next year and will only give me 1 minute of handicap time. THat will be a much bigger challenge.

For those who can’t see enough with the front page pic here is an enlargement of it



  1. Get the to the track Dave. You put your mind to it, you can do it easy. I have every confidence.

  2. You are looking pretty darn good after what you went through a while back. Also, FYI, the “pack test” (one of the requirements that must be met before getting a certification for fighting wildland fires) is 3 miles in 45 minutes carrying a 45 lb pack.

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