Posted by: dave1949 | 2012/01/05

Two down Two to go

So now Michelle Bachman has dropped out of the race. I suppose now she can return to helping her husband “cure” gays in his ministry. Surely the chance to be on her team would be enough to cure me.

Rick Perry is also on the verge of dropping out so at least a couple of the nutters trying for the republican nomination are gone.

But that leaves Ron Paul, one of those politicians who keeps running for office because he wants to eliminate government. Mitt Romney, who will probably get the nod now that the republicans have failed to find almost anyone except him, Newt (i’ve only been proven corrupt a few times) Gingrich, and Rick Santorum,

Newt is still a threat for the nod only because finding a man guilty of corruption isn’t enough to dissuade republican voters. Heck since Nixon they seem to think corruption is one of the calling cards of a successful politician. Every republican since has had scandals hung around his neck although few have actually fallen because of them.

Santorum though might actually get the nomination ahead of Romney. THis is anothe in a long string of white american males who just know they have a better idea about a woman’s reproductive options than the woman or her doctors should have, He not only wants to overturn th abortion laws and make abortions illegal even in cases of rape, he actually wants to make birth control illegal again.

Nothing says progress like denying teens the means to evade unwanted pregnancies.

I have no problem with anyone who thinks abstinence is the best way to curb unwanted pregnancy. It is not the way I spent my late teen years but what with STDs and other such fun it isn’t by itself a bad way to go. It certainly eliminates both the possible diseases and the possible pregnancies if you can manage to avoid sex all together.

Therin lies the problem though. Avoiding sex till you are in a position to welcome a pregnancy is a far different thing now than it was even when I was a young un. First up is the length of time one would have to avoid sex. I know several of my peers who were able to leave high school and find reasonable life long work. I know several of them who got married at the end of their teen years and stayed married and raised families together just like every republican and conservative in Canada thinks is the way the world should work. This meant that most of them had to avoid unwanted pregnancies for only a matter of say 5 years. They were all coming to sexual, if not social maturity in early to mid teen age and had to wait till late teen age to find a way to support a family.

Is there really anyone who still believes that a person with no more than high school education will find themselves work in our society that will allow them  any reasonable hope of raising a family. The reality is that to get a decent job now requires post secondary education. The very people who don’t want to pay taxes for schools are the ones sending jobs overseas as fast as they can and refusing to train workers for skilled te\rade jobs here at home.  These are the ones who decry welfare but provide nothing but minimum wage work for the under educated and yet still want them to deny the basic urges created by physical maturing. Now a kid matures sexually, possibly even earlier than we did but can’t hope to find a stable reasonable career till they have at least some post secondary education behind them. Even though that education is a necessity the conservatives in our lands don’t want to pay for it so they come out of school with student debt that has to be added to the costs of starting out in life like we could avoid if we wanted. So now they only have to shun those sexual urges for a decade or so before they are in a position to provide for a family.

I guess for a guy like Santorum and those who like his sort of thinking that shouldn’t be too hard. It certainly was for me when I was in my late teens but then I’m one of those weak easily distracted types that want to ruin society anyway.

So the republicans are now limited to a Mormon that will say anything he thinks they want to hear to get himself elected, A self serving life time pol who has already shown himself incapable of dealing with anything except his own ego, A libertarian who wants the top job in government because he thinks government is a bad thing or a guy who believes gays want to get into bestiality and feels he knows better than any woman how she should use or enjoy her own body.

The good news for anybody with a shred of progressive thinking is that noe of the above look to have much chance of unseating Obama.

Certainly he has shown himself over this term to be pretty weak progressive but at least he leans a little to the left instead of tacking so far to starboard he’d rather wreck the world than admit that basic human needs can be enhanced by reasonable government action.

Now if only we could find someone at least as progressive to help oust Harper in Canada.



  1. The good news for anybody with a shred of progressive thinking is that noe of the above look to have much chance of unseating Obama.

    You’d be surprised, Dave. I can’t help but think he’ll be ousted.

  2. Jazz, I try not to underestimate the stupidity of the US right wing and I think there are enough reasonable people there to keep him compared to any of these clowns. Then again all of them have managed to get elected already at state levels at least. It is hard to fathom but then my own country chose Harper. I guess I just hope the democrats can do a better job explaining what has been achieved in spite of all the right wing spin on the airwaves adn that after everything Bush brought the states they can see their way clear of these fools.

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