Posted by: dave1949 | 2012/01/01

We had the annu…

We had the annual New Years Day fun run today. The route is one that rowers in St Catharines used for decades. Out of the shell house parking lot and out to Martindale Rd. At 1.5 miles we would turn around and run back to the shell house. Most did this either before or after the daily rowing training. About 30 years ago the lightweight division in Canadian rowing was not very well funded since they were not an official Olympic event and the lightweight crews in St Catharines dreamed up this run as a fundraiser and kickoff for most of the new training year.


This year Dan, my step son and I both entered. I claimed a 32 minute handicap over him and ended up winning since if he was to win with that handicap he’d have to run 3 miles in about 11 minutes. Deb Katie and Claire came along as our mutual cheering section. The day turned out better than anyone had any reason to hope. Temp about 7 degrees and the rain let up just as the race started and held off for the duration.

And so the new year is officially underway. I ran in about 42 minutes which averages about 14 minutes per mile. At that rate I should be able to run a marathon in just over 6 hours. That overlooks the fact that 3 miles tired me out and I couldn’t possibly hold the pace but it is as good a start to the season as I have had for a few years.

Meanwhile here is a picture of one of my biggest fans. Almost but not quite 6 months old already and certainly getting better much quicker than I will. This was supposed to be with the picture but some how wordpress and I are not getting along so well today. Someday I might figure out what went wrong.


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