Posted by: dave1949 | 2012/01/01

The YEar in Review

The year that was. My year started out not too bad. I had had commando surgery on the 23 of Nov. 2010 and was slowly recovering from that. ALthough I was still pretty weak I decided to enter the New Years day run at the rowing club and went ahead never really exerting myself beyond deep breathing and taking a woeful 45 minutes to complete a 3 mile run/ walk. On the way home I coughed quite a bit but that isn’t unusual after running in cold air.

    The next day early I got up and had a shower. I had found tiny traces of blood in crap I coughed up the day before but assumed I had just roughed up a tiny vein or something in my throat. The same thing sometimes happens if you have cold and the amount of times you blow your nose irritate the lining causing a little blood.

In the shower I coughed up a bit more blood then the day before but nothing alarming and then when I was drying off I coughed again. I started bleeding. Bleeding so fast I could hardly speak. A moment or two of that and I called the landlord who lived above me and they, thankfully were home and called an ambulance.

    By the time the ambulance arrived I had stopped bleeding but went to the hospital anyway. There all was well for an hour or so and I was feeling pretty stupid for going in at all when suddenly it started again.

    To make a long story a tiny bit shorter the second bleeding stopped on its own again. I was whisked into St Josephs an Hamilton by ambulance and the next day they operated again and found I had developed an infection that had eaten into my carotid. I had lost about 2 litres of blood by their estimation and I was all patched up and on the mend by late o Jan 3rd.

    Some of my friends have thought that the run caused the bleeding but in fact the bleeding was going to happen sooner or later unless that infection got stopped. I had to go back in on March 7th to get a small repair bit done on my jaw but thet was the end of my invasive medical work for the year.

    That was the bad part. The good part.

    I got married. March 5th Deb finally agreed to marry me. We now live in a nice house in south St Catharines and try to figure out how to get all the bills paid like every other couple I know.

    July 3rd Dan, Deb’s son and Katie his wife gave birth to Claire Mae Logan. We have consulted far and wide within the two families most involved in this and have come to the conclusion that she is in fact the greatest grandchild ever born anywhere anytime. Deb and I ge tot see her about every month and at this time in her life the changes are so dramatic it’s difficult to comprehend. We just finished her first Christmas and although she was more interested in the wrapping than the gifts it still brings a whole new energy to Christmas, which lets face it is way more fun when there are kids involved. The next few years as she gets to really understand what this all mean are going to be amazing.

    I have slowly been regaining my strength although it has been and continues to be frustrating. My energy level rises and falls with essentially no warning but at least now I don’t feel sick anymore just tired. The  docs all say that as far as they can tell I am, and have been, cancer free for about 1 3/4 years now and if the next checkups in March show the same thing they will be stretching the intervals to 6 months instead of 3.

    So now it’s time to get going on the new year. To kick it off we are planning to run/walk the same 3 mile race at the rowing club later today. My goal is to finish somewhere other than dead last, in somewhere under 45 minutes, and to not lose any blood over the event or the ensuing days.  I’ll let you know how it all works out.



  1. It was quite a ride last year. Let’s try it this year without the blood loss and surgeries.

  2. All things considered, it was not that bad a year for you, hopefully a ramp-up for a great year in 2012! I wish you and your family a great New Year, Dave!

  3. I hope 2012 is a more calming year for you!

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