Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/11/02

Great Minds Think Alike

One of the blogs I read regularly is Montana Outdoors.

It is primarily a photo blog and usually shows nature shots of the outdoors that he records and publishes. Last weekend at the rowing championships I noticed that there is a flock of approximately 12 to 20 swans in Martindale pond the local rowing course and although they are beautiful birds everyone has seen lovely pics of them forever. I did however take a shot of a couple of them feeding.

Today I was looking through my blog list and came across Montucky’s November 1st posting.

As usual great minds think alike about the important things in life.



  1. That photo is too funny. Love it.

  2. They can’t be looking regal all the time. Montucky had a nearly identical shot of geese doing the same thing

  3. I love Montucky’s blog. I sometimes fantasize about what it might be like to live in such a beautiful, expansive area. But at least we have the swans.

    (I also find it interesting that we both found his blog independently!)

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