Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/10/23

A Day at the races

We went to Fort Erie Race track a few weeks ago. The betting here is much more fun than buying lottery tickets although you aren’t going to win millions. Still watching the horses is much more fun then scratching a card or looking up a set of six numbers.

Each race began with the traditional trumpet call to the post.


Just one of the many beautiful horses that parade past the stands before they go for their race.


One of the closer races of the day. This shot was just a few feet from the finish line. Over top of the horses you can see the large screen view which shows the horses just before they cross.


THis race actually ended so close they required a photo finish to judge the winner. # 7 ended up the victor and so did I as I had a bet on him that paid about $8.00. Because of this we ended the day only down about $30.00. Thsat got us several hours of fun watching the horses run and trying to pick winners with no real knowledge of what we were doing. We pick our bets either because we like the name or like the look of the horse as they parade past. Anything more than this and it begins to be work instead of fun.

Racing at Fort Erie continues for another couple of weeks if anyone feels like going out and having a bit of fun.



  1. Great pics! Glad you’re enjoying getting out to see the “ponies”. Are you thinking about taking up riding again?

  2. I actually like to watch the horse racing on tv, but haven’t been to a real race in years. I used to live near Greenwood in TO but that was harness racing

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