Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/10/17

Occupiers R Us.

Occupy R Us

So it seems that the major media in the USA and Canada are practically turning inside out trying to figure out what the Occupy Wall Street folks are after. THe chatter is constantly about the fact that they are not properly organized, don’t have bathroom facilities, can’t verbalize their agenda. All things that make it very hard to encapsulate the troubles in the usual 30 sec sound bite the mass media wants to utilize. Rather than actually looking at the problems and analyzing this they sit on their hands, smile their nuked white teeth, make sure their perfect hair is still perfect and ridicule these boobs because of the unprofessional manner in which they are proceeding.

As a child of the sixties however I wonder if this is finally the time when the rest of us start taking back the levers of power which for the last 4 decades at least have been slowly transferred from political to business leaders.

I have been continually bemused and angered by the things my generation have done to our society. Having come of age watching things like Martin Luther King’s speeches and marches. Seeing the people rise up and finally force and end to the vietnam war and entering university with a penchant for protest and a general contempt for authority and power I have watched my generation turn from almost anything inspirational to become the greatest consumer force the world has ever seen.

The results of all this have of course come home to roost with the financial catastrophe brought on by Wall street businessmen trading stocks more like drunken sailors on leave than people actually operating a business. As someone said recently the billionaires recently have not earned their wealth by actually building anything but rather by creating worthless paper that they then foisted on unsuspecting investors while taking huge commission payments for themselves.

I have watched over and over as the electorate here in Canada and even more so in the States just put their head down and complain but do nothing concrete to end the trends. The power elite of course keep telling everyone it’s OK because you to can become a billionaire but it seems that finally the people are starting to realize that they have been fed and swallowed a line of bullshit.

So I watch as the occupiers finally start to protest, the movement, as disjointed and unorganized as it is seems to be growing and spreading around the world and still the authorities don’t know what to do about it.

Dick Gregory on CBC this morning pointed out that a lot of the protesters are white people that have an expectation of being treated correctly by police and so the usual strong arm tactics have to be used very carefully. The power also knows that virtually anything they do will be recorded by many and can then be shown later in court by people wishing to sue so the white gloves are in evidence much more than would have been expected.

Of course none of this will mean anything unless the protesters can find a common cause and can find a way to organize a real voting bloc to stir the political landscape. Will they find a charismatic leadership that can galvanize opinion or will it just fritter away as so many other protests have.

Meanwhile the wealth continues to go to a smaller and smaller section of society and more and more honest hard working people find themselves left behind and otherwise screwed over by the system as it exists now. These people who generally have behaved as they were taught all their lives are getting angry. Many realize they can barely afford to educate their children or keep houses they have paid for for years if not decades and they know it is not because they have been profligate but because the system is stacked against them.

It seems clear to me that the people are getting angry and whether it is now or a little later the populace is going to take back control of their lives and their countries.

But then again it was clear to me that Mike Harris would not cut taxes without cutting services. It seems clear to me that Steve Harper will not do so either, and yet the citizens elected him again much to my dismay. Certainly there will be no real redistribution of power away from the elite and towards the general population if we keep choosing leadership like that. And just as certainly our mass media now controlled by a handful of billionaire moguls are not going to make it any easier for the masses to get their fair share of the opportunities available in this country.


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