Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/05/29

House Cats

Jinx the House cat we brought with us when we moved in. She earns her keep supervising any major work around the house and occasionally critiquing the pace or quality of the what we are doing

House Cat Jinx

Then here is the house cat we found out on the front lawn after a downpour rain the night before. He pays his way by getting grubs and stuff out of the lawn. He seems to have come with the house we didn’t have to bring him here and apparently he has a contract with several of the houses around the neighborhood.

House cat Pepe' le Peu



  1. You will want to keep that one happy.
    Not many skunks like daylight – aren’t you the lucky one!

  2. So long as Jinx and Pepe don’t meet up…

  3. Pepe looks a lot like Bazel…except his nose is pointier and his paws look scarier.

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