Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/05/17

House Update

We moved into our present home in the beginning of March. In the past few years the house has been used both as the home for the current owner but also as a student rental to Brock students. There are a few rough spots that need work and we are presently involved most in painting. The kitchen is almost done now which because of the cabinetry involved will take the most time, and soon we’ll be moving on to the walls in the rest of the house to get the sort of colours we want rather than the usual off white, neutral,  rental look.

We of course had no idea when we moved in what the garden would hold and I must say we have been pleasantly surprised.  There are several shrubs and bushes around that are seriously overgrown and need pruning badly but there are also some delightful flowers planted in the gardens and here are some of what we have found so far.

There is also a patch of lily of the valley growing and a few other plants we aren’t sure about yet.



  1. Looks like spring has sprung in the peninsula! Perennials are always a good choice so you don’t have to plant year after year. Looks like a really nice home.

  2. What a great surprise all those plants and shrubs are! Did the cat come with the house too?

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