Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/03/23

Election? What election? What did Charlie Say today?

It seems that it is time for us all to put on our thinking caps, pull up the big boy or girl underpants, hold our nose against the stench, and decide who we would like to try and govern our country for the next little while.

As one who after many years of paying taxes with little personal return I find myself now after a little more than a year of fighting cancer extraordinarily glad that a couple of generations ago there were some politicians around, especially Tommy Douglas, who cared about the needs of average working Canadians. It is not an exaggeration to say that I am scared about what more Conservative governing will mean to my country and to me.

Harper in particular and the entire conservative bloc seems to say over and over it is up to the individual to provide for themselves and devil take the hindmost. Well that isn’t what a society s about. Societies area about pooling resources to provide for the really big things that most people can’t afford for themselves.

Building roads and rail lines and airports isn’t within the purview of most of us. Neither is the construction and maintenance of good hospitals, schools, libraries, police forces, fire services, sewage treatment, water treatment, hockey rinks, music halls, art galleries, museums. The list goes on and on and the real question to be asked after all the name calling has gone away is what do you think the government should create for the use of all the citizens, and what do you think should be left to the vagaries of the marketplace.

Harper has shown himself over and over to be a control freak with one agenda only. The maintenance of his power and the defiling of anything that stands in his way. His disregard for the rules of parliament is now plain for anyone to see and it grieves me to say it but his callous disregard of those rules has been shown to be a smart move for his political future. Instead of being outraged Canadians have tended to shrug their shoulders and turn back to more pressing concerns like whether the Leafs will get into the playoffs or whether Charlie Sheen will actually burst into flames in front of millions.

We allow this to happen at our own peril. Letting the marketplace decide important questions about health, education, taxation and who does or does not actually have the power to decide these things leads to the eventual decay and destruction of our society.

Every great civilization of the past has fallen the same way. Citizens lost interest in how they were governed and allowed civic responsibility to devolve onto fewer and fewer people while the masses frittered away their time at the amusements of the day.

When and if the election is called for the sake of your children, get involved. Give up an episode of “The big bang Theory” and go to a candidates meeting. Ask what these people plan to do  to make this country better. Don’t fall for it when someone tells you there isn’t enough money for the services we need. That is a lie. Canada is one of the richest nations in the world. We can and should provide for the things that help make our country better. We should be outraged if someone, anyone tells us we can’t make it a better world for those in need.

Whoever you think will make the society we live in better, get out and support them, vote for them, put up a sign on your lawn to help publicize your choice. Get involved.

I’m certain that Harper and his cronies are not the ones to make this country better for me. Everything he has done, as opposed to everything he has said shows that his main concerns involve only those who are already rich and powerful and can help get him re-elected. We have seen what he has done and I certainly don’t want to see any more of it. I now need the hospitals and medical system that was established for all Canadians a generation ago. Even in that, I was in Hospital with another cancer patient who was being told he would have to eat through a tube as I have for the past half year but this 75 year old retired meat cutter had no idea how he would pay for the needed supplies and food supplements. He hadn’t the union contract I did that allows me the luxury of getting this stuff through my benefits package. That would be the same benefits that our Tony Clement was telling the CAW they must give up in order to ensure the survival of GM. Without it I would not be surviving but that is a small matter.

Regardless of who you support understand that the choices you make are in fact important. The choices are important for you, for me, for our society as a whole and especially for the next generation.

Most importantly get involved and don’t give in to the negativity surrounding our political system. Think how much the middle eastern nations right now would love to be able to change and steer their government by casting a vote rather than having to take to the streets. It’s far from perfect but it’s certainly better than anything anyone else has ever come up with.



  1. Hear, hear!!! And from what I heard this morning, it seems Ontario will be deciding which party wins…

  2. Jazz, I believe it was Churchill who claimed the biggest problem with a democracy is that you gt the government you deserve. Whether it was him or not the thought is correct. If the population won’t get involved then the talking heads and dirty tricks crowds on whichever side get to run the government the way they wish.
    I just wish one of our parties would actually start talking about what thye will do to improve Canada instead of pointing over the aisle and calling the other guy names.

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