Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/03/09

Interesting Times

Well it has been an interesting couple of weeks. The last week of February was spent as they usually are when you’re moving, sorting through last minute problems and getting everything packed up and labelled. On top of the usual move problems we have the fact that Deb and I are moving in together, and since we are both mature, in age anyway, and both have pretty much complete sets of life equipment, we have to figure out who’s stuff is going to be used and which stuff is going to be stored, sold or given away.

The move itself went OK. The truck and men showed up early and the move was on. Pack up my stuff then move to Deb’s apartment and get her stuff, then over to the house and unload it all. The movers were done by 3 pm and then all we had to do was find everything and unpack it. Over all this of course we were also getting ready for our wedding on the Saturday after we moved in.

So the whole week was spent going over more details, getting flowers, meeting the chaplain, writing our vows, getting a new shirt since I have lost over 100 pounds since I bought my last dress shirt. It was a bit big on me. Everything came together and Deb made her usual superb meal. The wedding party was intentionally small, six people, seven if you count the chaplain and the service short, sweet and simple. Deb’s son and my sister signed our licence as witnesses and then I had two days to get ready for my surgery.

Monday, I went in to St Joseph’s hospital again for what I certainly hope is my last surgery. THe problem with my Jawbone was corrected and I was out and on my way home again at 3pm. There has been no real problems with the outcome so far. There was very minor bleeding after the surgery but just because the surgery is in the mouth and the suture seams can’t be kept dry. Still with all the bleeding I did at the beginning of January even the little bit that was there had me on edge. I had a very anxious night with little sleep and have been trying to make sure I don’t do anything strenuous. Now a few days later the bleeding has stopped as they thought it would and all I have to do now is wait for everything to heal up. There is not a great deal of pain with this operation, partly because it is situated in an area where I have previous nerve loss because of other work. There is a bit of swelling and bruising in the are but luckily for me not much pain.

So here I sit. Newly married to a great woman and looking forward to the rest of our lives together. Newly repaired again by the doctors and hoping that is the last of that sort of thing. Newly ensconced in another new place for me to live and hoping we don’t have to move again for a long time. The next big adventure to look forward to now is the arrival of Deb’s new grand child due in early July. Sneakily by having married her I get to play Grandpa now without having to have gone through the troubles of raising a child of my own. So I get the best part without the drudgery.

It has certainly been an interesting year and an even more interesting last couple of weeks. It will be ok with me however if this year has a little less drama involved in it.



  1. Congratulations Dave!!!

  2. Thank you!

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