Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/03/04

Emergency Room Fun

After having had what must be about the best service from Ontario’s medical system in the past year today I got to experience some of the worst.

Don’t get me wrong I still realize we are blessed to have the service we do have. I worry constantly when the talking heads we seem intent on electing keep saying there is a way to cut the cost of these essential services but still preserve the service. That is just a lie. These people will tell you anything they think you want to hear if they think it will get them elected.

Today while trying to do some work around the house I made a common mistake. I rushed through one of the steps and for my efforts managed to slice my finger very nicely when the jackknife I was using folded up on me in mid slice. The result was a cut into the back of my finger deep enough to show the bone. in general you should avoid looking at your own bones whenever possible.

Having done similar things in the past there was little doubt in my mind that I needed to get this little baby stitched up and that of course meant a trip to emergency.

I also realize that in emergency they triage things. People coming in with breathing difficulties or heart pains or head trauma go to the head of the line and dorks who have cut their finger get to wait till more serious problems are taken care of.

But why is it that nothing can be done to tell people where they might be in the line up. I really wouldn’t mind being second in line and then finding I’d been kicked back because someone in more trouble came in but it would really be nice to know about it. Instead I got to sit in a waiting room from 1:00  pm till 6:00 pm and at no time during that was I ever told anything about how long it might take to get to me.

When I finally did get served the stitching and  tetanus shot took all of 5 minutes.

This isn’t a gripe about the doctors or the nurses involved. They have put up with cuts to staffing and a lack of facilities for years now while our politicians keep saying that we can’t afford any more taxes.

Yes I can. I can afford more taxes if it means people get treated with a bit more dignity and respect in the hospitals. I can afford more taxes if it means something can be done within the system to help keep patients informed as to the status of their case. I can afford more taxes if it means keeping a service well funded so the next person who requires it can get a bit faster service and a bit better experience. What I can’t afford is politicians who lie about cutting my taxes while they insist the cuts won’t result in inferior services.

Good schools, police, fire. medical. transportation military, all the services that make a country worth living in take money. Lots of, money, but it is money well spent.
Much better spent that way than in allowing a megalomaniac like Harper to advertise government programs as brought to you by the Harper government. They are not brought by the Harper government they are brought by the government of Canada and any money spent saying otherwise is where the real waste is occurring.
To the people struggling inside the hospital system. I salute you. I wish every politician who insists we need to cut the cost of these programs can spend a day there like I just did while waiting for help for themselves or a loved one. Perhaps then they would understand that the taxes we pay are a small price to pay for decent respectful service for those in need.

On a much better note. I am getting married tomorrow to a truly extraordinary woman. In fact it seems one of her only flaws is her agreement to marry me. If you see her please don’t point this out to her till after we are hitched.



    On getting hitched – not the klutzy thing….
    On that, yeah, you’d think there could be some sort of system where you are assigned a number when you check in and there is a display in the waiting room showing your number relative to everyone else’s. Doesn’t sound too complex.
    But I guess it could lead to the selling of numbers in the waiting room, eh?
    “Hey bud, I see you have #3. I’ll give you $20 and my #11 for it”.

  2. See Trashy I have no problem with selling the place in line. In fact I could go there every day and make a couple of bucks signing in then selling my spot to people who come later. I’m sure no one else would abuse a system like that. Te worst part is the indifference they show and the total lack of any info on what is happening. They also had a system here in St Catharine where they moved som of us from the main waiting room to a second room where our significant others weren’t allowed. THen left both of us with no info about the other and officially with no way of getting to know. I was in no danger so it was just aggravating but if it had been life threatening Deb was left in the main room with no idea what was going on and worrying about how long it ha been since I got my last meal. Altogether a dehumanizing unnecessarily unfriendly situation for anyone.

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