Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/02/19

Poor Judgement

I have on a couple of occasions in my life found myself in a management position. When you are in places like that you have to make choices from time to time about who you will get to do certain tasks for you. Choosing the right person for the job can make everything flow smoothly and likewise choosing the wrong person can result in what is formally known in management studies as a cluster fuck. This is why it is important to be able to evaluate the talents and personalities of your staff and try to keep the bad decisions to a minimum. Hiring your cousin or best friend is not always the best thing to do even if they are really nice people. Of course there is also the problem of knowing you have made a poor choice. Sometimes it is not very easy to determine if there is really a problem or if griping you hear is just others having a bad day.

Recently the Toronto police service was presented with a case where a managing officer could be fairly certain a poor choice had been made. This time it isn’t a critical error like having a police officer tasering someone for no good reason. It isn’t even as onerous as having the entire force taking civil liberties away from Canadians because some nabobs from out of town are visiting. This time the force sent a representative to a seminar on sexual abuse held at Ogoode Hall law school.

There with others on a panel to help the future lawyers of the province think about the problems inherent in sexual abuse, assault etc, the officer from the police service opined at one point that one of the things women could do to  avoid these unpleasant situations is to “Not dress like a slut”.

Funnily enough some of the women receiving this sage bit of advice objected. To give them what little credit they deserve the police force has issued and apology, instead of their usual defense of whatever a member of the force does unless and until the thing goes to court and I understand that even the officer has seen the error of his ways and has or is issuing a personal apology as well.

It’s just very sad to think that it is 2011 and there are still people in positions of authority who still think that the at least some of the violence and abuse of women is caused by the women and the way they present themselves.  Ah well maybe things will look up next century.



  1. I’m thinking things will never change. I guess it’s easier to blame the woman for “dressing like a slut” than it is to blame the guy for not keeping his dick in his pants. Men, they’re such fragile creatures, it’s not like they can actually control themselves, poor things.

    That attitude is as insulting to men as it is to women in my opinion.

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