Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/02/17

Surgery, cat health, Moving, Wedding,Stevie’s Support?

I go in today for my next little bit of surgery. I expect to get home again today as well. As it is scheduled the hospital doesn’t expect to keep me over night.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Freeway the cat has had another rally and is at this moment looking and acting better than he has for an entire week. Sometimes there is a bit of joy to be had in the world. Preparations for the move continue and we have now arranged water, electricity, cable TV, and internet.  A mover has been hired and the time frame is firming up. I’m about 80% packed up here at my apartment with no more than 70% to get done and Deb is about halfway in her packing. This might make it seem that she is slacking but then she has that little job she has to go to, that cuts into her prep time. I on the other hand have had the good sense to retire and so I can work full time at this.

We have also just about settled on the date for our wedding. We know when we want to do it and the family can make it here for the service but we still need  to actually get someone to officiate at the service. This might mean changing the date. More phoning is in the schedule for tomorrow to try and nail down that little detail.

And then just to show that he is nothing if not consistent we have our esteemed leader Stevie and the latest cabinet minister of infamy Bev Oda. For those who have been under a rock, or paying attention to something less important like the possibility of democracy in Egypt, the problem seems to be another cab-min who simply lied to parliament when asked about the refusal of funding for a foreign aid group that has been funded for about 30 years. Liberals and Conservatives up till now have been ok with funding Kairos but Ms Oda decided it should stop.

As has become common in these incidents, rather than answering the charge that she lied and abused her parliamentary privilege Oda has remained silent while the PM insists she has the right to refuse such funding. No one denies that she is within her rights as a minister to deny this funding, she is not within her rights though to lie about having done so. Now in what must surely be a worrisome time for her the PM insists he has confidence in her and won’t ask for her resignation. If the way he has treated any of his other female cabinet ministers is any indication Bev should probably be polishing up her resumes and cover letters. Stevie doesn’t seem to like backing up people that do his bidding very far if it becomes embarrassing.

Ah well in his never ending struggle for a majority it is just one more time the Conservatives have shot themselves in the foot again. Stay tuned though maybe Stevie really will back her up as this unfolds. I suppose it depends on how much righteous indignation the opposition parties can muster over this.

Remember what Churchill said, The trouble with democracy is you get the government you deserve. Personally I don’t think as a country Canada has been so bad we deserve these neanderthals but then again the country did vote them in twice now. Very disappointing at the very least.

Have a gret day and stay healthy. Spring is almost here.



  1. Seems we deserve Stevie – or at any rate enough people do to vote him in. But then what are the alternatives? If the Liberals could actually elect a leader with ideas and a modicum of charisma (though Stevie is sadly lacking in that area too), maybe he could eventually be ousted.

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