Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/02/12

One more Week Gone

Well another week has gone by and we have made a bit more progress along with a bit more drama. This time thankfully the drama didn’t have anything to do with me or my health. In fact as of Friday I am entering new territory. After the commando surgery in November I seemed to be healing just fine. I was feeling better and better and getting out more to see friends, and then at five weeks and five days in, I had that little bleeding problem. Friday I passed that milestone and this time I am now five weeks and six days into recovery from the repair surgery.

Our drama this week involves the older of Deb’s cats, Freeway. Deb became Freeway’s guardian about 16 years ago and of course that inevitably means with cats, that he is a lot closer to the end than the beginning. I wasn’t in the picture at the time but apparently someone found him as a stray out on the highway hence the unusual name. They were unable to take care of him themselves after rescuing him from the road, but Deb and her son adopted him and have had him ever since. He is one of the nicest cats I have ever met but for several years now his hind end has been getting more and more stiff as the ravages of arthritis have settled in. This week he started having trouble walking, his back end would collapse every few steps. Then he went off his feed and couldn’t defecate. To be honest, I thought it was probably the end for the old guy. We took him to the vet but without a great deal of hope.

To make a long story short, since the vet cares about old stray cats as much or more than purebreds they plied him with enemas, pain meds, potassium boosters and a large dose of TLC,and he has made a strong comeback. Last night for the first time in nearly a week he was strong enough to jump up on the bed and go to sleep with us. How long this recovery will last is hard to say. But yesterday it was so good to once again have Freeway up and around the house. Both of us would really like to be able to take him with us to the new house we will share and spend some time there with him before he checks out.

With the cat back to a somewhat healthy state the rest of the week was spent like they all have been lately. Pack up some more stuff at both of our apartments, sort out some things to donate to others since we aren’t using them anymore and sort out some other stuff for the garbage and just get rid of it. Lots of stuff is okay to lie around the place but just isn’t worth the effort of packing moving and unpacking again in the new place.

I’ve also finally, at this point in my life, got around to creating a will so my family can have some instruction as to what to do with my remains and how to best split up the expected $4.73  estate they will get to dispose of. I suppose everyone has to grow up sometime but I didn’t think it would happen this quickly.

Then to end the week we got some great news from Deb’s son. They went for another prenatal appointment and now with the latest ultrasound we all know that there is a baby girl on the way. Better yet so far the pregnancy is going along just fine and both mother and baby seem healthy and progressing exactly as they should be.

And now we have just 2 weeks to go till the move to the new house. I’m about 50% packed up with no more than 80% to go to be completely ready. Utility companies are being contacted to get services set up and meters read. The post office will get mail forwarding info soon now and then I have to try and get new address info to everyone and all the companies I deal with so as not to fall off the radar.

I also get to go back under the knife next week to solve this little problem with my jaw bone. The surgery is scheduled for one hour and I am still not certain if there will be an overnight stay or if they can kick me out after I come to from the anesthetic. I am assured though that this time isn’t supposed to be anything nearly as difficult as the last two. That would be nice.

Hope you all had a good week and feel you have been able to accomplish at least some of the stuff you feel you need to get done.


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