Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/02/02

Snow Day? What Snow Day?

Well the snow came and the snow is still coming, much slower and lighter than before. We got a very nice little storm here in the Niagara Peninsula. Several inches of snow but since I don’t have to drive anywhere it isn’t much of a problem for me.

We went for a short walk today and it reminded me again of how nice it can be to experience Canadian winter when you are properly prepared for it. Since we were never farther than about a kilometer from home it really wouldn’t have mattered what happened with the temperature or wind chill. As it was it was just a nice break from sitting around wondering what part of me was going to fall apart next.

A walk to the post office through the neighbourhood let us see lots of people out doing their civic duty and shoveling the walks in front of their houses, clearing their driveways so they could get the cars out of the street to help the plows get by in the attempt to get the side streets clear.

Lots of kids were out too. Some of them were helping their parents with shoveling but lots of them also just playing out in the new clean snow. It brought back memories of my youth when we used to play street hockey every chance we got at this time of year. Of course when I was young we never got any such thing as a snow day. We live in Canada for god’s sake. Getting out and freezing your toes and nose is all part of the maturing experience.and I can’t imagine them closing the schools for anything. Heck they used to drill us on what to do in case of a nuclear, or nucular attack as Bush would put it, and the end of the presentation was that after sheltering by sticking your head in your locker or under your desk we were expected to get back into the seats of the desk and carry on with school till the bell released us at the end of the day. Taking a day off for something as frivolous as some snow would have been considered insane.

Regardless of how tough we were and still are, or how wimpy the new generation is the fact remains that today, for someone who really didn’t have to go anywhere it was a great day to get a little cold clean fresh air in and spend a few moments out in the bright white outdoors. As a benefit I guess all the very best weather predicting rodents failed to see their shadows today and so we are now guaranteed a quick change into spring weather and hen we can get back to truly Canadian pastimes like complaining about mosquitoes and black flies.

I hope the mega storm wasn’t a real problem for any of you, and I hope you get to go out in the snow while it’s still clean and pretty and enjoy the experience a much as I did today.

Ps. It has been an entire month now since I tried to bleed to death and things are still going ok. Almost all the blood is on the inside where it belongs and seems to be content to stay there for a while longer.



  1. Glad to see that you were out and about! About back to normal ?!

  2. I went out for a couple of walks. I love the pristine, sparkly clean snow. I wish it could stay that way!

  3. Montucky, It isn’t much but when you have been feeling under the weather it’s amazing how good it can feel just to get out and breathe deep for a few minutes and stretch your legs.
    Zoom, There must be a way for some company to make a fortune figuring out how to keep the snow looking and feeling new instead of it getting all slushy and dirty so quickly. It sure looks nice outside right now though.

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