Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/02/01

The TImes they are a Changin, Again.

There are times, most times in fact, when it just doesn’t pay to count up the good things that have occurred in your life.

On Sunday evening while gently washing the remains of my face and neck I noticed a bit of infection at the suture seam between my cheek and what had been my thigh. It may be TMI, but there was a bit of pus and blood seeping out of a small injury sight there. I hoped it had been just a stitch that hadn’t dissolved properly and had finally come to light as the body tried to get rid of the foreign material found there. I had however spent a couple of months before the commando surgery in the early fall with a draining abscess on the same cheek and was worried about this being a repeat performance.

We went to see the doctor, again today, and it turns out that during the last surgery, they had needed to remove some of the metal that had been holding my jaw in place. This resulted in my jaw shifting position inside my mouth and now the ends of the previously damaged bone have punctured through the tissue in there. For most of you this would have been a painful sort of thing like a tooth erupting on a toddler. It didn’t cause me any pain however because this is part of my mouth that no longer has any nerve service.

Now I have to get ready to go back into surgery where they are going to grind off the ends of the bone so that it will fit inside the jaw tissue again and I suppose, polish it and decorate it in muted colours and tasteful design motifs.   As explained by the surgeon if they don’t do this I will just be subject to continual infections in the site and that is no good for anybody. As such this is pretty minor stuff. like getting drilling done on your teeth only this will be on my jawbone. It is going to require general anesthetic again, so I guess it’s a bit more complicated than a trip to the dentist but at least this time I don’t have to get another tracheostomy.

So now I’m back home again waiting to find out when they can take me in to St Josephs one more time. They are planning on an overnight stay because of the general but it shouldn’t be nearly as traumatic as the last couple of times.

While at the doctors, he ran the scope through my nose and back down my throat again. This did produce good news as the last repair surgery is still healing up fine back near the carotid where the real danger lies. The new problem is farther forward in my jaw near where the first molar would be if I still had one.

So as far as I’m concerned, last week in January 2011 pretty darn good. First of Feb. 2011 not so much. Maybe Ground hog day tomorrow will help cheer me up with predictions of an early spring brought to us all through the new blizzard of the century due tonight.

How has your February gone so far?



  1. Geez, you’ve been through a lot, Dave. You seem to take it all in good stride, too. At least this is nothing organic or systemic, like cancer – just a bone that doesn’t quite fit and needs to be whittled down. But it’ll be nice when you don’t have to keep sending your body in for repairs every month or so!

  2. Damn, well, you can always look at it like final adjustments before thinks are finally done with.

  3. By the way, didn’t your surgeon ever hear that old adage “Measure twice, cut once”?

  4. Zoom it wouldn’t be so bad if I could send in the offending part and then get it back when the work was done. Maybe they could work out a loaner programme for the repairs like the car dealers have. Adn I’ll ask him about that measure twice thing after he’s finished the repair work rather than before.
    Jazz, I sure hope this is a “final” adjustment. As much fun as all this is I would be willing for someone else to have the fun for a little while. Make that for a long while.

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