Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/01/14

Traditional Rings


I find myself at this advanced age looking to get married again. We are at present in the situation of deciding how much of the traditional wedding process we are, or should be pursuing.

A churchified wedding is definitely out as neither of attend church of any kind. We were both brought up as good little christians though and so the basic structure of a wedding imprinted on my mind anyway is the traditional euro/canadian concept.

Our immediate question is what to do about rings. I personally like the idea of plain simple gold bands to signify the eternal circle of love etc. etc. etc. My fiance is however more creative and freer in determining what would, or would not be, an appropriate gesture/ symbol to use in the ceremony.  She just suggested using a wrist bangle as a substitute  for her ring.

And so I’m casting these thoughts out into the interweb, Can a wrist bangle substitute for a traditional wedding ring substituting for eternal love or is that too outre’?

What about the service should one of us obey the other?  I’m worried about that since I know if it comes to it I won’t be the one giving the orders.
Change her name? Change mine? Hyphenate both?

We don’t have to worry this time around about whether the parents will be horrified by our choices since we are both orphans. But what do you think about where we should go with these traditions?



  1. obey?? obey…hehehe I forgot about that …. it may be the only traditional part of this wedding.

  2. I think the best part about getting married later in life is that you can do whatever you want. You can take the parts you like from tradition, and leave the parts you don’t like. You can have fun with it, and add bits that suit you two and nobody else. Anything goes. Have fun!

  3. Congratulations!

    Exchanging bracelets, no biggie, Mr. Jazz and I exchanged earrings.

    As for obeying, you don’t have to mention it, but we all know men obey us women, that’s like so basic, Dude!! 😉

  4. You know my religious bent- but I see no problem with a bangle as long as it’s not hinged but a continuous circle- or perhaps tattoo a bracelet/anklet/ring – a nice celtic knot pattern to show off at the solstice.
    Vows- write your own-that’s probably harder to do than it sounds but you can customize it to your own lifestyle and spiritual natures.
    Whatever you choose- make it your own and be HAPPY!

  5. Thank you all for the comments. We will be figuring this out as we go. Except the obeying part that seems set in stone already.

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