Posted by: dave1949 | 2011/01/01

New Year Kickoff

A brand new year deserves a really good start. For 28 years now the St Catharines rowing club has been hosting a New Years day fun run. The run was started because back in the dark ages, the national rowing association did not fully fund lightweight rowing teams when they went to the world championships to represent Canada. Lightweights were not included in the Olympics and any group not in the Olympics had a very difficult time getting funding through the governments of the day. St Catharines virtually always had several members from the club making the national team and they were usually required to come up with anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars in order to be included in the world championships. The lightweight men’s crews in the rowing club organized the run as a great way to kick off the year and raise some money to help out in funding the lightweight programme, all the way up to and including, helping to defray the costs for the athletes good enough to make it on to the international stage.

Today I entered and completed the run again. There was however precious little running involved in the event for me. I think in fact every time I shuffled out of the walk and into my pathetic run I may have actually slowed down. It was however the first time I have tried anything that could be vaguely called strenuous since the surgery on November 23. I knew going in that I would be very near the back of the pack today but that wasn’t important at all. The fact that I was able to complete the 3 mile distance at all was really the point. I did however rise to the occasion and through a mix of lethargy and lack of dedication managed to grab the actual dead fucking last position.  50:37 was my unofficial time for a route I used to be able to run in under 20 minutes.

The winner was already passing me on the out and back course before I had reached the 1/4 point of the track. The race is run on what used to be the daily running route for nearly all the St Catharines crews. A route most of us have run hundreds if not thousands of times so it is pretty easy to figure out where you are on the course and how much is left to go. Personally I think the kid winning when he passed me was just showing off but that’s neither here nor there.

What was fun was seeing lots of the friends i used to compete with and against and to once again get outside in some fresh air, even if it was a bit rainy, and expend a bit of energy just for the fun of it.

I race for the year under my belt. With any luck several more to go before the year is out.

How did you start off the new year. Something traditional, foolish, inspirational, or have you not started the year off yet?

Here’s to a great year for all of us this year and maybe we can start solving problems and helping each other instead of reviling and destroying people.



  1. Congratulations, Dave! The way I see it, you won your own race! I also see that as great news! I hope the rest of your year goes that well!

  2. I am afraid in Dave’s effort to ‘live’ and beat this cancer thing, he may have overdone it. He was ambulanced back into hospital with a major bleed in his throat. They expect, at this point, it was a vein that burst and that it is healing itself. The doc said this is a possible complication with this type of surgery. Meanwhile, he is in good hands in St Joe’s in Hamilton and hopefully resting comfortably in his old room.

    Will keep you posted and I am sure he will be back with his blog very soon. Thanks again for all your good wishes and prayers. You are an amazing source of joy and support!

  3. Oh and I was going to say Dave, you’ve come a long way in one year, then to read you are still fighting the fight. May your recovery be a quick one, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Take baby steps my friend….

  4. A quick update as this is all the news I have at the moment. Dave had 5 hour surgery to find and cauterize/stop/eliminate the source of the bleed in this throat. He was doing well when he got out of surgery last night and is back down in the step down unit (what is becoming his home away from home at St Joe’s) today. The nurse said they found the source and he is doing amazingly well. I don’t know if they found a tumor, I have to wait to hear from his sister about that. So, he’s doing very well, all things considered.

  5. Whhoohoo! no cancer! Just a guy with a really, really, really sore throat on lots of drugs. They found the source of the bleed and repaired the damage done inside his mouth and throat. I’m hoping he will take it a bit slower this time and let his body heal.

  6. News today is Dave is coming home on Sunday. Nothing by mouth and rest —hmmm!!!

  7. and the race continues.
    go slow, Dave, there’s another year ahead.

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