Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/12/13

Gory Details

I promised in my last post to provide some of the gory details involved in the surgery.


As the doctors explained they had to cut through my lower jaw on the right side and remove part of the bone there. The missing bone has been replaced with a piece of metal. They said it is titanium but I expect with someone as important as myself, they probably used platinum.

They also removed cancerous tissue from my cheek, hard palate, and neck. After the removal they took a patch of skin from my thigh to form the skin graft to close what was a gaping hole in the side of my face, and took a nerve from my calf to try and repair nerves excised along with the tumor.

Here are a few photos of the results taken about 2 weeks after the surgery,

That little patch there, used to be on my right thigh.


Gone to make my Face pretty


Scar From Nerve graft. Staples still in place at this point.

I continue to recover faster than  expected and on Dec 10th had all the external stitches and staples removed. 83 staples from the leg scars and an unknown number of stitches from the face,head and neck.  Other than some pain from the cutting I feel fine right now and have been getting out and around for some walking exercise and a bit of fresh air.




  1. Wow. That’s impressive. You are impressive.

  2. Holy shit! You’ve been through a lot. I’m impressed too with how well you’re doing. That’s amazing. (Thanks for the pictures – I was having trouble visualizing it, but it makes more sense now.)

  3. Wow! Lookin’ good Dave.

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