Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/11/22


This is how I am going in.



In a little while I expect to emerge as a beautiful Butterfly.



  1. a monarch I am sure!!!! See you on the other side

  2. Good luck, Dave. May you emerge glorious and victorious!

  3. And you will. I have no doubt.

  4. Dave made it out of surgery successfully about 12:30 this morning. The cancer had returned so they dug deep to remove it all. He is going to be a heavily sedated puppy for a few days.

  5. Thank you for letting us know Deb. I’m sorry the news isn’t better. Hopefully they got it all, and he can get back to some semblance of normal life after he recovers from the surgery.

    Please tell him I’m thinking of him and sending all my positive energy his way.

  6. Will do, Zoom. I am sure all these good wishes are working their magic. Apparently he was actually up and sitting today. I don`t know for how long… but he was out of bed.

  7. I hope they dug deep and wide enough.
    Thinking of you, Dave.

  8. How’s he doing Deb? Any idea when they’ll be springing him from the hospital?

  9. Zoom: this post was on my list. Thanks for making me do it sooner rather than later.

    I saw him yesterday and he looks amazingly good. He is still in ICU but is expecting to be moved soon to a ‘real bed’. They removed the trach tube yesterday – which is tremendous – It was certainly one of the more serious ‘issues’ he had to deal with once he got home the last time. So, that it is out and he is having time to heal in hospital is good.

    They are expecting him to walk today – This would be his first step toward marathon training. 🙂

    His face is nowhere near as swollen or as bruised as either Sheana (his sister) or I thought – so that is good news. Or we both have seen too many horror films… but really, he looks amazingly good for less than a week after surgery.

    Meanwhile, as far as i know right now, he is still in for 2 weeks or spring date Dec 4th.

    I will keep you posted and thank you Zoom, and everyone else for such good thoughts and prayers. I know they are making a difference.

  10. Good for him! I was felled by a cold or flu last week and it knocked me flat for longer than his commando surgery knocked him flat for. (Seriously, every time I found myself whimpering about my sore throat, I thought about Dave and stopped.)

    Anyway, it all sounds very promising. Up and about, walking, coming home soon. I’m happy to hear he’s exceeding expectations.

  11. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and especially to Deb for helping pass on the news.
    I got home today Dec 2 about 4pm. The docs say they got clean borders on all sides of the surgery and feel very good about having got all the cancer at this moment.
    The nurses, doctors, and all the other staff at St Joseph’s were also phenomenal putting up with the needs of another nasty old man who wanted everything done at once.
    I’ll try to write a more full post in a day or so and fill in some of the fun times.
    As always through this, my sister Sheana, was there helping and working for me; even staying up till 1AM on Wed the 24th to get the news from the doctors as soon as they had me into the recovery room from the OR.

  12. It must feel very nice to be coccooned back in your own home.

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