Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/10/13

Security Council Loss

So since little Stevie has come to power in Canada what have we seen?

He has ignored and belittled the Kyoto Accord which we had agreed to with numerous other countries thus showing that he cared nothing for international co-operation or fulfilling commitments the government had made to others.

Although he did actually increase the amount of money given for international aid the government cut off or greatly reduced the help to several countries with no warning or advance notice causing extreme hardship for people trying to organize and run programmes in the affected countries.

He tied funding for mother and child aid to anti abortion guarantees thus offending NGO aid groups throughout the third world.

He has aligned Canada in lockstep with whatever the government of Israel has done whether building the Palestinian Wall or boarding boats full of relief supplies and thus alienated most of the countries in the middle east and a large number of islamic nations around the world.

He has ignored and belittled attempts at climate control while trying to promote the oil sands in spite of the obvious pollution problems this involves.

He has till very recently pretty much ignored the United Nations preferring to help open a new Timmies rather than address the general Assembly displaying a contempt that is hard to understand from a country that at one time was one of the greatest supporters of the UN and a massive contributor to peace keeping initiatives around the world

He went to the UN lately campaigning for a seat on the security council and reminding the other nations of Canada’s proud heritage in past peace keeping areas but ignoring the fact that at present Canada is only providing 68 peace keepers out of the thousands deployed around the world by the UN.

Then when Canada’s bid for the seat on the council was clearly defeated by the member states he did exactly what we have come to expect from him.

He blamed someone else and said that it was opposition negativity that had caused the loss of prestige evidenced by our loss i the voting.

I wonder what its like to be right all the time in a world that refuses to acknowledge your infallibility?



  1. gotta love our stevie. I think retirement is way overdue for him.

  2. I’d love to see that Jazz. Don’t even mind paying the pension if it would get rid of him.

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