Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/06/30

Police Lies

So lets see if I have got this right.

The police chief of Toronto tells the province that the provision of 19,000 officers might not be enough to ensure the safety of the delegates to the g 20.

He asks for and gets a special provision allowing the force to arrest and hold anyone they think they want to inside the perimeter of the safe zone.

The province forgets to explain that to the citizens of Ontario but would have published the notice of the new regulation bout a week after the event took place and the law expired.

The police chief tells reporters and through them the public that the law exists but allows his force to arrest people who are within 5 meters of the fence.

Now after the fact he says he was just kidding.

The only thing really exceptional in all this is that this time the cop abusing his powers isn’t named Fantino, who for some unknown reason has been suspiciously absent from any involvement with this whole fiasco.

This is what a police state looks like children. Made up needs for more and more poice powers and then lying to the public about just what those powers are.

This entire escapade from all levels of our government needs to be investigated thoroughly. Letting the powers that be play around with basic civil rights with no repercussions every time they declare things to be dangerous is the most dangerous thing we can do as citizens.

If there was a real need for this show of armed force it should be explained. If there was not those responsible should be forced to resign.

As for Blair it is beneath contempt that you would just out and out lie to the citizens you are supposed to be protecting. Your resignation should be forthcoming for that alone.



  1. His resignation will obviously not be forthcoming.

    And within a week all will be forgotten. It’s pretty much always like this isn’t it?

  2. Jazz, Yeah I suppose he’ll just laugh it off and no one will hold him to account but it really is despicable.

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