Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/05/20

Spring Flowers

Large feral Cherry Tree.

Small Yellow Flowers.

Ontario's Flower The Trillium



  1. Nice, Dave! Good to see you’re getting out and about again! I love Trilliums!

  2. FYI: The small yellow flowers are Dog Toothed Violets.
    Glad your out with your camera again!

  3. Ya’ll still have spring down there? I think ours was only a week long and then we had mid-summer. I hope this season lasts a bit longer.

  4. Montucky, thanks it feels good to get out even if it’s only for a little compared to last year.

    Peace and Joy, I don’t think they’re dog tooth violets. DTV have brown mottled leaves.

    XUP, No we’ve moved right past spring and into mid summer already too.

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