Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/04/18

Spring Is Sprung. Beamer Falls Conservation

The Forsythia was In Full Bloom.

Flickers were on The Ground like they were Robins

Leaves were buting out all Over

And Even Raspberries are starting to Grow.

I took a little trip to Beamer Falls Conservation Area earlier this week. A beautiful Day as Spring continues to advance here in the Peninsula.



  1. Hey! Cool — you’re out taking photos!! That’s got to be a sign of good things, right? I noticed while I was in Toronto last week that you southern Ontarians are a few weeks ahead of us in the spring department. All those blossoms and blooms. What’s the line on the 3rd photo? Is that light or a spider web?

  2. XUP, It was one of my best days so far. As for the picture i didn’t dare get too close to it cause of the spider web. In my weakened condition I might have been trapped there.


    Oh I’m so very happy that you are able to get out a little and of course our photo’s are breathtaking.

    welcome back…

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