Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/04/14

So Farther So Gooder

I have been slacking it a far as updating the blog lately. Partly this is because I haven’t got much news to put on here and partly cause I am at heart a lazy bastard.

I went to see my radiation doctor last friday and once again the news is that I am healing as expected and there is really nothing else to do now except keep on keeping on. There has certainly been some progress in the last couple of weeks but it always seems too slow for my liking.

I have been able to feed myself by actually eating, instead of using the feeding tube. The last time I used the feeding tube was Tues. April 6. The process I’m going through now is to try out different types of food and see, (a) if it tastes alright and (b) if I can physically eat it without causing too much pain in my mouth. So far it has been a lot of soups and some mashed vegetables like potatoes carrots ad turnips. Anything very spicy or crunchy causes considerable discomfort.  On the taste side of things I am starting to get back the ability to taste sweet things but for the most part things fairly bland and or tart taste better.

Physically although I’m still quite tired I have been able to get out for more walking lately and it helps my mood considerably. I still haven’t managed to go a whole week without vomiting but it is considerably diminished. The last time I threw up was Sunday morning and the time before that was a week ago on Tuesday.

Coming up I have a ct scan appointment for My 4th and then a follow up appointment with the doctor on May 7th. This will supposedly be the time they use their high tech raygun to see if the cancer is all gone or not. Meanwhile the marching orders are to just wait till I get better.



  1. Great news all round!!

  2. so on the 7th you get to see the hotty (the pic you showed us a while back when this all started)in the miniskirt with the ray gun again?

  3. Glad you’re getting better. The Jazzer is thrilled indeed.

  4. Well done old chap. tally ho, pip pip and all that..

  5. Laurel, Thank you and yes so far the news is all good.

    Deb, You really need to spend more time with classic cartoons. The hottie with the ray gun is a martian warrior wearing armor somewhat reminiscent of Roman armor,

    Jazz,l I’m glad I have been able to thrill a woman at this late stage in my life.

    XUP, So how is it a German goes to Paris and ends up with a British accent. The last time the Germans tried to get to Britain through Paris things went very badly.

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