Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/02/28

Golden Wonder Team

Well this leads into the last four treatments. Monday to Thursday, this coming week ends the treatment plan for now. Then I get to wait for about a month then get some follow up appointments where they find out if we have been successful in getting rid of this shit.

During that month I get to recover slowly from the effects of this process which should leave me weaker lighter and hungrier than I am now. I also get to go through what other cancer patients do. I get t wonder. Did we get it. Did we get it all. Will it come back. I expect you can all figure out what my hopes are for the answers to those questions.

One thing I don’t need to wonder about is my family and friends. My older sister Sheana as she has from first learning about this has been by my side helping in any way she could and took hours and hours out of her own life to drive me back and forth to appointments and then sit by waiting only for me to finish. This chore was also shared out by friends Ross, and Dave who I’ve known for about 40 years now and Deb who helped organize the rides as well as driving but I’ve only known her since grade 7. She of course is much younger than me she was just advanced for her age.

There were of course also lots of well wishers and lots of friends keeping in touch behind the scenes and urging me on to the end of this Many of you who read this blog are included in that thought and I thank you. You have no idea how uplifting it is at times to think that someone else cares about my health too.

There are a lot of things wrong with the healthcare system in Canada and I’m not blind to them but I also have to say that the Juravinski Centre took me through the whole process in what I found to be a remarkable manner. I was well informed as to what to expect and helped with info and medication whenever I needed it.
My radiation doctor Dr Kim, and the chemo doctor Dr Hotte were great with their time and advice and even more important was the trial nurse Sandra Turner who pushed me through some of the weight loss problems and all the other troubles.

With all that said now maybe I can get back to taking some pictures and poking fun at the politicians and buffoons other than myself to amuse and delight myself now.

Canada has jut won the hockey gold but I already have my golden wonder team of this month and don;t really need any other one.



  1. You are my gold medalist today, Dude.

    You definitely are.

  2. Hey, golden boy – you would have done the same for any one of us — and more! Hang in there.

  3. Just a few more days to go. You’re amazing. Thank you for blogging your journey through this.

  4. Dave, I hope you and your medical team knocked that thing down for the count! I’ll look forward to your photos and political comments.

  5. I concur with the above,

    and you, young man are a Gold “Star”…

    Hang tough and spring is just around the corner, birds, butterflies and cyclists are just waiting to be stalked by your camera.

    As always, thinking of you…

  6. I’m so glad you have people close by to keep an eye on you and drive you around. I only wish I lived closer so I could have pitched in. Also, I’ve consulted my Magic 8 Ball on your 3 questions and here are the answers:
    Did we get it? Signs point to yes
    Did we get it all? You may rely on it
    Will it come back? My sources say no

  7. Jazz, thank you. I hope the other medalists feel a bit better than I do today.

    Deb, never I would have sold anyone into white slavery by now.

    Zoom, Thanks I can hardly wait for this to start to get better again instead of worse which should be in a week or so.

    Montucky, the weather is usually just starting to turn nice around here this time of year so I have to get out and find me some nature to look at again.

    Laurel, Yeah we actually have sunshine here right now and the bike is ready to go.

    XUP, I like your ball better than the doctor. Hhe said he won’t be able to give me anything certain till about May. He does think however that the treatments look on the surface to have been very useful.

  8. You sir, along with your docs and the shit that was pushed into your body, have sent those f***in’ cancer cells back to the hellhole where they were spawned.
    I know it.

  9. Hey Dave, today’s the big day, right? Let me be the first to congratulate you on making it through all your treatments. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  10. Keep on fighting and keeping on! Glad you have such a great support group behind you!

  11. Isn’t technology amazing? I know you can’t talk and that you are exhausted and that you are sleeping and that your body is fighting the good fight, and that you are recovering. Every day I look to your website to see if you have recovered enough to write. And I wait for that day when you have the strength to let us know you have turned that corner. Hang in there, tiger – we are all rooting for you!!!

  12. Trashy, Thanks for the good thoughts but unfortunately I know where those bastards were spawned. I’d rather just erase them totally.

    Zoom, to you and all the others i apologize for how long it has taken me to reply but as of Mar 16 I am in fact starting to feel better finally.

    Charisa, thanks, besides the close support group right around me here, reading things like your rides and runs is also part of what helps me look forward to getting back out there myself.

    Deb, Sorry for the delay, and yes I am starting to feel better. Not as good as Tiger yet but maybe later.

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