Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/02/15

Lily The Pigeon.

Not Loving the cold.

She’s out in the cold with her friends but you just know her mind is on sunnier days and a nice run or bike ride.



  1. Cute shot! She just wants to make you think she’s cold while she’s actually toasty warm way back inside all of those fluffed out feathers, as in “Look, I’m cold! Feed me!”

  2. I so totally understand her…

  3. xoxoxox

  4. Montucky, she looks amazingly like I do when faced with a cod day. THough she actually has a neck to stretch out when she wants to.
    JAzz, every Canadian understands that look.

    Laurel, glad you liked it. Warmer days are soon to be here.

  5. Nice shot Dave.
    I wish I had the patience/intelligence/skill to figger out how to make my camera thing do cool stuff like that!

  6. Trashy, Thanks but all you have to do is get a telephoto lens. Then all the rest comes pretty easy.

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