Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/02/14

Well another week is in the books and there isn’t a whole lot to tell about this time. The mouth and throat is getting a bit worse and now the skin on the outside is also starting to break down. It looks a bit like it has been sunburned several times over although it is not as painful as that would be.

The other fun thing that is starting to happen is that I seem to be developing morning sickness. This seems a bit odd to me since I’m 60 and a guy but I was warned that there are often unusual side effects to the radiation. At any rate I seem to have a bit of nausea to deal with whenever I wake up. It isn’t too bad but its not much fun either.

As for the treatments I have Monday off to celebrate Heritage day just like the rest of the province and now have 13 more radiation treatments and one more dose of chemo to get through.

And today I decided I really had to go out and find a few birds to look at so here is one of them a lovely little house sparrow that agreed to pose for a moment.

House Sparrow On Valentines Day 2010



  1. Hang in there Dave.

    What a great picture, I love teh detail on the feathers. Your bird pics are spectacular. Thanks for this.

  2. Jazz, glad you liked it. I just wanted to get out today and spend some time thinking about something pleasant for a change. This worked for me today.

  3. Just think of how great you’ll feel NEXT Valentine’s Day…

    throwing up as well as a sore mouth to begin with has got to be just awful Dave, sending you good wishes!!

  4. I guess eating some dry crackers first thing in the morning isn’t going to work for you like it does for pregnant women, eh? It’s maybe that nasty formula causing excess stomach acid? Have you tried sleeping with your upper body raised a bit? Just to make sure, though do you have a swelling, bloating sensation in your belly? Are your nipples tender? Do you feel like crying a lot? Do you have to pee frequently? And if in a few months you start feeling a strange cramping sensation in your lower back and abdomen one day, you might actually be in for a surprise. In any case, take care

  5. Laurel, it usually doesn’t get to actual throwing up just some dy heaves and gagging, and yeah I expect next year this time to be a lot better.

    XUP, no the crakers thing is not really on right now. I’ll be sure to watch for those other symptoms and if they come about to then someone’s got some splainin to do

  6. 13 and 1. At least it’s counting down!

    That’s a great shot of the sparrow. What would we do without birds!

  7. I’ve heard surgeons and medical students do strange things to patients while they’re knocked out for surgery.

  8. XUP, the worst part is that he never calls, and totally forgot Valentines day. I’m officaly shattered and as soon as I’m able I’m holing up with a whole gallon of Hagen Daz.

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