Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/02/13

Opening Ceremonies

Well I’m left wondering if they could have possibly gotten it more wrong.

The anthem? Anthems are supposed to stir the blood. Send the men off to war thinking of home and country and family. Think of the scene in Casablanca where Lazlo gets the bar singing the Marseilles and drowning out the Germans.  Rule Britannia, even the the old Soviet Republic anthem. One thing anthems are not intended for is to showcase the vocal yodeling of some little girl trilling away like a Swiss farmer who just got kicked in the nuts by his favourite cow.  But we were subjected to the slowest, 17 minute version of O Canada that may have ever been put on air.

The Olympic flag? It has been for decades now considered an honour to march the flag into the stadium. Now what thought do these people bring to mind. Mrs Fox, Donald Sutherland, Jaques Villeneuve, Bobby Orr, Anne Murray, Romeo Dallaire and Julie Payette.  That is correct the thought that comes to mind is NOT OLYMPIANS. To add some luster to this group which I assume was picked because they could be named by most Canadians was Barbra Ann Scott the 117 year old Olympic champion that actually won the gold back before talkies were invented.

The Opera singer?  I know it can’t be over till the fat lady sings but gosh she isn’t even fat. She has a remarkable voice. It’s just to bad that A/ the song is such an overblown piece of crap no one in their right mind would want to hear it and, B/  she didn’t have time to change out of her Lion King hair piece before showing up to sing the Olympic Hymn.  Really? Is it becoming a religion now?

The Flame Lighting?  Not too bad an effort but shows again the Canadian penchant for trying to be all things to all people. We have thousands of Olympians and dozens of Olympic Champions and they have to fall Back On Gretzky to try to bring this home. On the same stage they have Nancy Greene and Cattriona LeMay Doan, both Olympic champions but have to add Rick Hansen and Steve Nash to the mix. Can’t leave anyone out you know. The this erstwhile little group have to stand around waiting while the cauldron rises from the stage. Oops can someone refer these bozos to Murphy’s law.

Then after what should have been the climax of the whole shebang we are treated to the Great One leaving and driving through Vancouver to light the other cauldron that is sort of the real one but isn’t where the rest of the show is cause it isn’t.

One day down. One athlete dead. One country’s media trying not to laugh at the screw ups caused by the overwhelming gee whizzism needed to put the show on these days.



  1. I was wondering what some Canadians thought of the opening ceremonies. Personally I was quite disappointed too. They did not show the country in a good light (no pun intended) at all. There was no necessity to try to be, as you mentioned, “all things to all people”. That displays an insecurity on the part of the shows creator that I doubt is shared by many of the country’s people.

    I am saddened at the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili. What a shame that was. The “investigation” by the International Luge Federation and the Vancouver Olympic Committee was also disgusting. I sincerely hope that there will not be more deaths of serious injuries as that event unfolds. I agree with one of the sports analysts for Yahoo! Sports who said that building a luge track that requires an athlete to go 90 – 95 mph is “insane, unnecessary and recklessly arrogant”.

    I’m getting the impression that the officials who orchestrated the Vancouver Olympics are as sadly out of touch with the people of the country as are the political leaders on both Canada and the United States.

  2. I know your post was about the ceremonies but I’m still laughing my ass off over the grizzly bear…which I only heard about via YouTube because I’m boycotting the entire corporate drag show

  3. Having not watched it intentionally, thanks for the candid recap…

    still laughing here….

  4. I couldn’t be bothered to watch it – I’m not big on the olympics one way or the other.

    So thanks for the recap, your version was much more interesting.

  5. Montucky, I thinks as this thing gets farther and farther form the sports and more and more for the corporate interests it just loses itself in all the hype.

    XUP, Actually the grizzly bear was great I’d love to have one that size for a christmas decoration.

    Laurel and Jazz, I’m glad to be of service. There was so much to choose from. I didn’t even mention stevie sitting there with that old Facist Juan Samanch. I’m sure Franco would have been proud to see his old henchman still being treated like a decent man instead of a war criminal.
    You gotta love the IOC.

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