Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/02/08

Salty Dogs Unite

The Trouble with Salt.

You have probably heard the phrase,”Salt of the earth”. Many people are unaware that the derivation of our word salary refers to someone earning their salt. The reasons for these and other phrases extolling salt is that at one time it was one of the only ways to preserve food with any sort of safety and was thus a very expensive and needed substance.

My problem right now is a surfeit of salt. I am not certain if it is really too much salt or if it is a continuation of the battle with my taste buds but the only thing I can taste at present is an overwhelming taste of salt.

Last Thursday was the second of my chemo doses and along with it they give me 5 litres of saline solution over a 4 day period. This is to flush the nasty chemicals away form my kidneys where if left alone they would, and again I hate to use technical terms, bugger them up.

Unlike the first time through this process though I am now left with an overwhelming taste of salt.  Now don’t get me wrong I have liked salt since I was a young boy. I have on occasion in my life, just for the fun in it poured salt into my hand and then licked it off like I was practicing for later slurping my way around tequila drinks till oblivion sets in.

Now however as I sit here quietly absorbing my meal through the tube in my stomach and contemplating all that is right and wrong with the universe I find my mouth practically scorched with the taste of salt.

I lost the ability to taste sweet things last week and I am now wondering if I have also lost the ability to taste sour or whether in fact I have a surfeit of salt from the hydration to get worked through. The home nurse thought that was probably the case but I will be asking them today at the clinic if this is normal.

Now if I could just east a few fries with this all I’d need to go along with it is a bit of Ketchup.  Grey Poupon ketchup of course, we want only the best for me.

The Salt pile in my Mouth.



  1. It’s going to be interesting to see when this is all over how it will affect what you do and don’t enjoy eating in the long term. Our bloggy friend Julia discovered there was a whole bunch of stuff she didn’t like anymore once she’d finished with all her treatments and other stuff she never really liked that she now does like

  2. Hang in there dude. This too will pass.

  3. Man, judging from the photo, that’s one salty taste!

  4. XUP, They tell me this is likely a temporary side effect, the whole taste bud thing I mean but they also warned that on some occasions it stays. That would suck mightily but might cut down on the salt bill for Margaritas.
    Jazz, as I said to XUP I expect it to pass and think it will, I hope so.
    Montucky, The thing is you can count on me never ever to exaggerate so in fact this is just what it seems like.

    Oh by the way the clinic did suggest it’s really just a taste thing and I am not in fact drowining in salt.

  5. This makes me thirsty.

  6. VS, it does that to me too and that’s only with a fake salt taste as opposed to real overdose of salt.

  7. I’m imagining what it must taste like – kind of like being in the ocean and accidentally taking a big huge gulp of water. Hope it goes away soon! You will WIN!

  8. Charisa, thanks for the support. The really strange thing is that you know it isn’t actually salt, no harm from it but it tastes like everything is grossly over salted. Sure kills any appetite I might have.

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