Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/01/24

Stevie. Your Boss is calling.

She is not amused!

Shiloh Local Hamilton Rally organizer

Harper's popularity continues to grow.

I'm not sure about wanted but certainly accused.

Like dozens of other cities around the country there was a rally in Hamilton on Saturday. Old, young, rich, poor, they all came out to protest Harper trying to hide from public scrutiny about so many things. His lead in the polls has evaporated since this little game and even with the Haiti quake and the Olympics coming up to distract Canadians from his arrogance, I think this time he may have stepped in it a little too deep.

As Immigration minister Jason Kenney said recently. “As a minister, I often get more done when the House is not in session,”. This perfectly illustrates the arrogance of these fucktards.

Here’s a hint Stevie. Parliament isn’t there to make your plans easier, you are there to answer to parliament and through the representatives there, the Canadian population.

Now do the big boy thing. Admit you were wrong, go back to parliament and figure out with them how to move forward with the government the country needs, wants and deserves



  1. We obviously share political views…

  2. I can’t even comment for fear of being thrown in jail (just kidding).

    The rally on “the Hill” was pretty impressive….I LOVE to toilet seat…now that person has talent!

  3. Demonstrations like this are great to jazz up people and allow them to mob vent some of their frustration, but the real telling will be in the next election. So far the people who’ve swung the vote in favour of the Tories over and over like what Harper is doing and/or don’t feel they have any other real choice in candidates. Right now the polls show Harper slipping a bit, but people have short memories

  4. This wasn’t about getting people jazzed up or allowing them to vent – if that had been the point of it, I wouldn’t have bothered going. It was about sending a crystal clear message to Stephen Harper.

  5. Jazz, I suppose we can still drive most places after Stevie gets through reorganizing the no fly list.

    Laurel, I always like seeing what people come up with in the way of protest. It all goes back to a misspent youth, but I only got thrown in jail when I deserved it not for just voicing an opinion.

    XUP, face it this sort of thing isn’t your cup of organic green tea. It all takes to long at a leisurely pace.

    Zoom, It’s about both jazzing people up so they feel they can accomplish something and also to be effective, Like XUP says it has to pay off later in actual votes. The party organizers know and understand that dynamic. It’s about time the citizens started using the same processes for their own good.

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