Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/01/18

Olympic Withdrawal

The final terrible result

Well I have made it all the way through the third of my 35 treatments and so far everything is going better than I had expected. No nausea, no pain, and only a minor amount of discomfort caused by the chemo. There is still a long way ahead but one step at a time and the trail is eventually behind instead of ahead.

There is however one somewhat sad thing to report. I am unfortunately  going to have to pull out of the upcoming Olympics.  It isn’t because of the side effects but because of the fact that one of my doctors prescribed steroids for me.

I think he can be forgiven for not considering that I might be competing. I am after    all 60. But I really thought that this time I might be the first Canadian to win an Olympic gold on home soil. I personally wasn’t nearly as worried about my age as about the fact that the only sport I ever showed any promise in was rowing, and that was 38 years ago.

However I really believe that the Olympics should be kept “pure” and that all competitors must have an equal chance so since I have now been tainted with the dreaded roids I feel the only honorable thing to do is withdraw. I can always go for it at the next games.

l really did think I had a chance at being the best oarsman at this years Olympics though.  Pity.Olympic Withdrawal



  1. Damn. And I was so looking forward to you winning the gold.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in short sleeves before — now I know why. Don’t forget to take plenty of calcium with those ‘roids

  3. Jazz, Me to I’ve been waiting for this chance since Calgary.
    XUP, The long sleeves are just another example of my caring and trying to keep women from hurting themselves when they swoon.

  4. damn, considering the lack of snow, getting a gold for a summer olympic sport during the winter games just might have been attainable.

  5. just checking in and am disappointed to read about your withdrawal, toughen up cupcake! (just kidding of course, hope you’re doing okay).

  6. VioletSky, Luckily this global warming thing is all a myth, at least this week, so the snow should be back.
    Laurel, Are you kidding the very shield crumbles at my approach. I only withdrew to be fair to the others.

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