Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/01/14

One down 34 to go.

Radiation Therapist

I had my first  day of treatments today.

It started at 7:30 when my big sister Sheana, (Don’t laugh at the spelling of her name it was our grandmothers fault. Everyone knows it should be spelled (  Sine’ )picked me up for the drive to the clinic.

8:15 bloodletting in the lab

9:00 registering in the chemo treatment room

9:15 to the pharmacy at the clinic to get the anti nausea drugs.

10:00 Barb the nurse with the snowflake earrings started the hydration drip

12:15 January 14th , The actual chemo drug started flowing and I am officially being cured now.

1:15 chemo replaced by more saline solution for the hydration and finally at 2:30 I was through with the chemo.

3:00 fitted with a dental mold to make tooth guards so my teeth don’t arc like metal in a microwave when they nuke me.  Actually that’s a gross exaggeration but they do want the guards because fillings in your teeth tend to scatter the radiation and they don’t want it anywhere except where they aim it.

4:00 in to the radiation treatment room and positioned for the nuking by the therapists.

4:45  all done and on the way out of the clinic

6:00 pm all home and snug and wondering what all the fuss was about.

So far I haven’t felt any of the side effects that are such a worry.  The medicos have all pointed out however that they tend to be cumulative as the therapy goes forward.

I only have days like this 3 times in the treatment programme. The rest of the days it is radiation only so it takes from 1 to 2 hours instead of all day.

By the way my first piece of advice if you have to do this is to have a big sister like mine. She took the whole day, to basically sit, and watch, and make sure I was ok to get there and back. That and make lunch for me too which included minty chocolate cookies.   Admit it your all a bit jealous now aren’t you.



  1. Yes, with a big sister like that you are blessed: and in good hands!

  2. good luck dave, i’m over here from xup’s blob. stay strong, live strong.

  3. You are lucky to have a sister who will share your experiences with you, and yes, I am jealous.

    Glad you are feeling well right now, keep your thoughts in that happy place.

    Sending positive vibes to you….stay strong.

  4. With a radiation therapist in a cat suit, mini skirt and high heeled sneakers, are you sure Sheana got you got to the hospital?

  5. Jealous? Oh yeah. I mean c’mon, minty chocolate cookies !?!?

  6. Montucky, You don’t know the half of it. I have another sister and a brother as well and of course thought our family was just normal. I realized as I got a bit more experience in the world that I am indeed blessed with my siblings.

    Leah, thanks for the good thoughts.

    Laurel, It’s now 10 on fri and I still feel pretty good. Back in today for a rad treatment and then I have the whole weekend just to rest and eat bonbons. Life ain’t all that bad.

    LR I swear that’s an actual picture of the therapist. I honestly thought the ray gun would be bigger but apparently this is a special powerful portable model.

  7. I always wanted a big sister! And she’s so pretty! Glad the first day went well. Hope the rest are just as easy.

  8. I go away for a week and look what you get up to…

    Nice to see you. Glad the first day is over. Enjoy the bonbons while you rest yup.

  9. Jazz, they tell me I’ll lose my taste for a while but even if I do I’ll know I’m eating chocolate even if I can’t taste it.
    XUP, Yeah big sisters are pretty cool. I’ll leend her to you if you ever really need one but she;s pretty busy right now.
    VS, Do you think just cause you go to NYC the rest of us stop having fun, Try not to be so self centered. It’s almost like you’re a Torontonian.

  10. I’m happy to hear your first day of treatment went well. I didn’t realize they were doing chemo and radiation concurrently…they must think you’re a pretty tough customer. It’s got to be a challenge for your system though, so try to be gentle and kind to yourself in every other way.

  11. Thanks zoom, Well anyone who knows me but hasn’t heard me screaming like a little girl if I get a boo boo, knows how tough I am. The chemo only occurs 3 times in the seven weeks though as its sort of an adjunct to make the radiation more effective. So far so good it hasn’t bee very bad but they say all the side effects are cumulative and will get worse as the treatment goes on.

  12. They sure haven’t zapped your sense of humor 🙂 Stay strong…sounds like you’re managing this whole ordeal impressively well…I know I’m impressed.

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