Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/01/12

Time to Nuke That Fucker

When I started this blog, Jazz said, “Shit. You nuke that fucker to kingdom come, hear me?”  I thought at the time that seemed like good advice.

Well the fun is about to begin. I have gone through a series of tests. Blood drawing, ct-scans, mri, biopsy of the tumor, and now the team has figured out what they want to do and how we are going to treat the disease.

I have to say that Zoom, recapped her year in her blog a while ago and pointed out that lots of people were looking at and handling her breasts. A friend of mine wrote me and explained that in his treatment he had had people carefully positioning his genitals each day before his radiation.

I can’t help thinking that this head and neck cancer isn’t the most fun way to go. I’ve had lots of people looking down my throat and feeling my neck but nothing that even the most twisted mind, and that would be mine, could conceive of as intimate or fun.

Today the nurse in charge of co-coordinating all this for me called and confirmed my first treatment on Thursday the 14th.

Over the next 7 weeks I will be getting 3 doses of chemo starting on the 14th, and along with that 35 doses of radiation. The medicos have pointed out that this might be somewhat uncomfortable for me but insist that it is the way to go if I wish to live a lot longer.

I’ll try to keep you posted on how all this is going but I can see already it’s going to put a major snag into enjoying Robbie Burns day this year.



  1. I’ll lift a wee dram for ye on Robbie Burns day, Aye, I will!

    You’re right, no fondling on your end of the this treatment, but you’ve got a great attitude (I’ve heard that is 90 % of healing).

    Hope there is someone around to help you out after they nuke that fucker right out of your system. Stay strong…don’t worry about us in blog land, just get better soon!

    Best Wishes

  2. Yup – nuke that fucker, my man… nuke it back to the cowardly corner from whence it came!

  3. Too bad for the fondling, but all things considered, I’d rather not be getting that area nuked.

    Take care of yourself Dave, kick its ass, we’re all pulling for you.

  4. Courage, my friend. I’ll be watching and reading and rooting for you.

  5. Thank you all for the kind thoughts.
    The doctors all think we caught this early enough and expect to be able to make me better.

    Everyone else who has ever thought they could make me better has been terribly disappointed as I remain as nasty as ever but maybe these guys can pull it off.

  6. On the bright side, it will be fun when your hair grows back all thick and curly — I’ve heard that often happens after chemo. And it’s good that you decided to blog about this.

  7. XUP, I’m not sure I want the hair to grow back.
    I’ll be in a weakened condition and unable to either fight off the aggressive women or help the ones who swoon. It may be more trouble than it’s worth.

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