Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/01/11

Government Primer

Ok it’s just about time for a primer on Canadian politics. First some definitions.

1/ govern.  rule or control, from Middle english ,from the latin gubernare  steer .
2/ government The act or manner of governing.

Please note that nowhere in the definition is there anything being said about helping. Cast your mind back to the times of absolute monarchs and you will note that they referred to governing just as much as any present day democracy does. These are the people who direct, steer, order, beat, kill, cajole, bribe, push, pull, flay or behead the populace to get them to do what the governor wishes.

Over centuries we have developed democracy. In theory this means that the government will work for and be responsible to the population. This is a fine theory but it is bullshit. The government and the governors do what they have alway done. They accumulate power, prestige and wealth, for themselves and their friends and do as little for the population as they can get away with.

By  the way there is a great deal of confusion about what exactly the government is. First it’s not parliament. Parliament is the group of people we elect to go to Ottawa and represent us. This is done because getting 30 million Canadians into one place to argue out what should be done is cumbersome.

Secondly, it is not even the Conservative Party. Although they are commonly called the government in fact they are supposed to be representing you too. Good luck with that.

No the government is in fact only the ministers in parliament. They are the ministers of the crown. These are the people who in theory rule, steer, direct and compel the citizenry to do what they want. In theory in a democracy they are working for us too. Good luck with that.
Now at present we have a man in the job of Prime Minister who has shown over and over that he has contempt for the population in general and their representatives in particular.

Little stevie is typical of a lot of “important men” we find around North America.
He has  been afforded a good education, primarily at the expense of the populace. He has  had access to libraries, any medical care he needed, decent facilities for sports, culture and amusement, primarily paid for by the population. He then decides that he is the epitome of the self made man and works to be sure that neither he nor his buddies have to help pay for the next generation.

At the time of Henry the VIII, a tiny portion of the population controlled 90% of the wealth of the nation. Now, a tiny potion of the population control 90% of the wealth of the nation. And stevie and his buddies are not giving up this power, prestige and wealth unless we the people make them.



  1. Hear hear!!!!

    So when the hell will we make them?

  2. hmmmmmm, now only if we could overthrow and behead again, Henry III would be proud!

  3. LAL, you have a good point there. Maybe we could put it back into the criminal code and reserve it for politicians that renege on their own promises. Like a guy who would legislate fixed election dates and then be the very first one to break his own law.

    Jazz, unfortunately the only way to make them is to get involved and normal people tend not to like getting down in the gutter with the trash and the ickiness that these guys live with constantly. Oh well maybe next election the people will actually look at what has been done instead of what has been said.

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