Posted by: dave1949 | 2010/01/10

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I have decided to make a few changes in my blogging. Till now I have been working in blogger at”Retired and Tired”, but all the cool kids tell me that WordPress is the way to go so I’m switching over to this format.

It also occurred to me a few days ago that one of the blogs I read regularly, “Miles and Madness,” attracts me in particular because Judi is more open about her life than I have been about mine. Till now I have stayed pretty much behind the camera in my net life but have decided to try and be a bit more open.
Part of the reason I haven’t written much about myself of course is that like most people I don’t often feel I have anything very interesting to say about myself. This year however that changed somewhat.

On October 26 2009 I went to the local hospital to have an inflamed tonsil removed. This is something by the way you should consider doing in your childhood rather than waiting till you are 60. Three days after the surgery I was informed by the doctor that the tonsil had in fact been cancerous and they would set up an appointment for me with the Juravinski cancer centre in Hamilton Ontario.
Now a couple of months and several tests later I’m about to start going through the treatment programme they and I, have agreed on in order to eliminate the cancer.

I intend to continue to publish some of my pictures here in this blog. If anyone looks at the other it was primarily a photo blog and I also intend to write a bit  about other somewhat more entertaining stuff, like our political situation in Canada which is about as entertaining as I have ever seen it, and my attempts at a return to athletic excellence in my old age. That will also be a fairly amusing process.

Any comments you might wish to make will be welcome as long as you aren’t nasty to anyone but myself.

This is not me by the way.

I do have one of these neato masks now which are used to hold you still while they nuke you with the ray gun.  Those are technical terms. Although it might not be apparent here, you are essentially fastened in place. Not a great feeling for someone with a bit of claustrophobia.



  1. I’ll be following your journey. Sounds like you’ve got the right attitude. Best of luck on your goals!

  2. Thanks for opening up and sharing…stay strong and continue fighting the good fight….

    Thanks to for always being real…best wishes…

  3. Here I am, faithful follower that I am. You go out and beat the bastard – oh, and please keep giving me bird pics. You bird pics rock. I’m totally in love with that guy in the previous post. Is that weird?

  4. Yikes … the real you … uncensored and unabridged? Bring it on!!!!

  5. LR, you only say that because you want more laughs in your life.
    Jazz, I’m not sure how much photography I’ll be doing in the next little while but I’ll try. Thanks for dropping by.
    Laurel, Thanks I’ll try.
    Anne, Do you mean the goal of living to be a hundred and then being shot by an irate husband. I’ve been working on that for a long time and I’m now 60 % of the way there. That’s a c-minus but I’m going to try and improve that mark.

  6. Kick that cancer in the balls, you. I’ll be right over here in the corner waiting and cheering.

  7. Linsey, Balls will be kicked. I need to get through this so I can see Augustus’ next set of pictures.

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